The Adventure Begins

They awoke surrounded by darkness with a torch burning on the ground nearby, arrows and bolts being fired from the darkness, richotte off the rocks that they crouch and lay groggily behind. As you reaching for the torch, a figure steps from the darkness. Lifting their heavy crossbow at your chest...What do you do?


Heroes of the Story

Ragoland 'Ragi' Hero Character


Know to friends as "Ragi", is a Wasteland Human Warden that has joined the Wanderers Guild. Ragi often talks of his fate which he's sure will end at the hands of orcs, but he's promised to give those green blooded bastards hell before that end comes.

Angel Hero Character


A Human Wasteland Wanderer, an adept hunter and tracker he's seen his share of Horrors. Sole survior of another party, currently looking for a group of heroic companions to travel the Wastelands with.

Touc Hero Character


A Human Wasteland Treasure Hunter, the only place he feels safe is total Darkness, where he has developed his other senses to compensate for his lack of vision, often prefers to scout ahead of his traveling companions, thus even in a group he's often alone.

Torbjorn Hero Character


A Human Wasteland Wanderer...

Isra Hero Character


Blind Human Female Monk, Isra was shown to have the gift at a young age and her eyes were taken from her to aid in it's development. She has developed a melee prowess that most Lamp-Lighters simply don't have, and she keeps her other abilities mostly to herself.

Imrahill Hero Character


Once an Imperial Soldier, Imrahill has taken it upon himself to spread the good-word of the Emperor on his own. Though not a priest, and not anyone who's actually ever seen the Emperor, his belief is essentially blind faith that he naively clings to even in the presence of other information.

Porto Hero Character

Porto Buntz

A Wasteland Hobbit, Porto is a relunctant adventurer, he natural tendencies are gathering knowledge on "Old Lore", Porto has since in his short time as an adventurer has found himself to be rather skilled with a blade as well.

Kili Hero Character


An unusually tall Citadel Dwarf, Kili stand 6' tall in his typical adventuring gear. He's made quite a living as both a miner and a trader before joining the Wanderers Guild.

Lorisson Hero Character

Lorisson Firebrand

An aged Wasteland Human veteran from many battles, he typically wears the tattered armor that has kept him alive all these years with weapons of similar look.

Sharpher Hero Character


A Wasteland Human Wanderer, ever since he saw a dragon in his youth as it flew over head, he's known that it would be that beast that he would meet his end by, though he's surely going to give that wyrm something to remember him by.

Llong Hero Character

Llong Wonn

A Wasteland Human, ...

Brand Hero Character


A Wasteland Human, "Emissary of the People", known to be an honorable man with a specialty in trading. Brand is hopeful to overcome the shadow, has done some bad things in his life, that he has kept a secret up until now.

Wednesday Campaign Sessions

The heroes have undertaken the following scenarios.

Thursday Campaign Sessions

The heroes have undertaken the following scenarios.

The Insights of Darkness


Troy (DM), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19

It's going to turn Hentai real quick.

Jake (Lorisson), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19


Kirk (Kili), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19

Chapel in Spanish is La Capilla, you can do it.

Jeff (Ragi), Wed Session 1 @ 2:14:35


Don (Touc), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19


Paige (Isra), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19


John (Torbjorn), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19


Kevin (Sharpher), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19

Dora the Explorer, Chapel...Village...Lake

Adrian (Angel), Wed Session 1 @ 2:14:10


Brian (Porto), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19


Jim (Imrahill), Wed Session 1 @ 1:35:19

I don't want to say it but, I kind of want to start getting close to that wagon.

Steven (Llong), Wed Session 2 @ 1:34:40

Campaign Overview...

      The old world is has been for some time now, as long as anyone can remember, only ruins of once prosperous cities exist in the wasteland between the expansive walled fortresses, called Compounds. The compounds are the domain of the Empire, the last civilized remnants of humankind, if you can still call them civilized. The Empire rules the compounds with an iron fist, the Imperial Guards are the enforcers of the laws of the Emperor. Those in the compounds are thankful for the protection of the Imperium, as the alternative is a life of savagery and hiding among the ruins of the past. These blessed inhabitants of the compounds are called Citizens, which pay a tithe for this protection.

      The Wasteland is basically everything else and is patrolled by the Horrors, Horror-Touched or their Hellions, a race of mutants/demons that has brought the civilized world to the brink of extinction. Their minions are the various sub-human species including Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, and many others. These creatures roam the wastes in large numbers, gathering those they find, and depositing them in the Slave Pits, Mutilation Dens or simply devouring for food.

      The guild know as the Lantern Lighters usher caravans from compound to compound or settlement to settlement, offering a roaming beacon of imperial protection in the Wasteland from the Horrors. Those that have been abandoned by the Imperium, due to impurity or contamination, or have simply choose the harsh freedom in the ruins of the Wasteland are called "Ghosts".

      There is also said to exist an order of champions, that are called many different names by the ghosts of the wasteland, some of these names include "The Order", "The Blessed" or "The Chosen", but they refer to themselves as a Seeker of Light. These beings rumored to roam the wasteland battling the Hellions and Demons, and are seen as the guardian's of the Ghost's.

      Between the Imperium and the Order, the Hellions and the Ghosts are the Wanderers, you are a member of the Wanders Guild, you have license to both roam the wasteland most often serving the Merchant Houses and are to enter the compounds (with restrictions) when in the service of one of these Houses. You like most wanderers have been attempting to achieve the status of "Free Wanderer", and be allowed to join an Adventuring Guild, or form your own Adventuring Company. Free Wanderer status can only be granted by the a Lord of a Compound or by a Merchant House Baron.